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Welcome to the cool town, Sennen-cho Shotenkai!

This page tells you about Sennen-cho Shotenkai.

Take a journey back through history to the Edo period when delightful shamisen* music was played, geisha performers danced, and continuous laughter was heard.
Minami (the south area of Osaka City) is a cool place where the town scene remains unchanged still today.
Sennen-cho Shotenkai is one of shopping districts which have been watching the history of Minami.
*shamisen: Japanese musical instrument with three strings; three strings Japanese guitar
The shopping district had been named Sennen-cho Dori (Sennen-cho Street) because they hope it would last for a thousand years. (The word Sennen means “a thousand years” and cho means “town.”) The name was changed to Sennen-cho Shotenkai 25 years ago.
A crane is the symbol of this shopping district. A crane sits firmly on each of all the lamp posts in the shopping district and the cranes continue to watch over the people in the town.
(In Japan, crane is the symbol of longevity and good fortune, and thought to have a lifespan of a thousand years.)
While the town is quiet during the daytime, as it gets darker, it starts sparkling.
Some stores have been open for decades, some have just opened yesterday.
One of the characteristics of this shopping district is that it makes you feel as if you were traveling around the world by walking through this shopping district. You can enjoy foods from the world and make more international friends.
Unlike the other towns in Minami area which is overflowing with tourists, Sennen-cho Shotenkai is a type of place that holds many hideaway stores rather than a type of place which tourists take a little side step to.
It holds many hideaway stores; stores which the people who are doing businesses in Minami visit, which the familiar people regularly visit, which give you healing and relaxing and get you rid of fatigue; which you want to visit many times.

Savor the charm of Sennen-cho Shotenkai.

2-2-17, Higashi Shinsakbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, 542-0083

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